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My background in science developed my non-judgmental nature and enquiring mind. The latter led to my own contemplative practice, which is ongoing, and eventually to a Masters training in Core Process Psychotherapy as a means to understand myself and others.  Through my training I learnt of how suffering arises and worked through some tough life experiences.  All of which has resulted in an inner strength, resilience and stability in therapeutic sessions with clients. I have undergone personal psychotherapy of the type, depth and longevity that I offer to my clients.


I have worked with clients bringing a wide range of issues including stress, anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, depression, unresolved trauma, sexual abuse, anger management, relationship difficulties, sexuality and transition, loneliness, long term illness and grief.

My approach is different with each client and is holistic in nature, honouring the interconnection between mind, body, heart and spirit. My work is informed by my deep interest in and experiential understanding of Ecopsychology and of the Imaginal - the relational connection between us and as part of our living planet.


I have a particular interest in the integration of peak experiences / experiences from expanded states of consciousness including those arising during spiritual emergence (which is a natural  process of healing, of inner transformation) and those arising during psychedelic journeys.

Please note that I do not offer underground psychedelic-assisted therapy

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